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  • What is The Sandbox Metaverse?
    The Sandbox Metaverse is a virtual Web3 world that allows the players in the game to build, purchase and trade digital assets. Character customization, Land, embellishments, and other items are all available through the Sandbox marketplaces. Each asset purchased, sold, or exchanged in the Sandbox metaverse has its own NFT (Non-fungible token) with its unique identification kept on the blockchain. The technology introduced the “Play to Earn” concept, where you can use the Sandbox to create collectable items and can list them on a marketplace to earn! The Metaverse concept allows the player to be a gamer and to earn at the same time. The Sandbox Metaverse uses SAND as its digital currency and is built upon the Ethereum Blockchain which is well known for its security and stability. It also has its own NFT marketplace, where users can list their assets after designing them. These assets are registered onto the Blockchain before being listed, to demonstrate proof of ownership.
  • Why is The Sandbox the Best Metaverse?
    The Sandbox is pioneering one of the most ambitious metaverse projects complete with a robust economy and tools to sustain the ecosystem through user-generated content. An engaged community is a crucial part of building a successful metaverse, and the Sandbox has no shortage of that with a current (Q4 2022) registered player count of 4.1 million and hundreds of thousands of active monthly users.
  • What is a $SAND Token & How to Use it?
    A SAND is a token of transaction for the dealings taking place in the Sandbox metaverse. It allows users to buy and sell territories and investments, pay artists, developers, and $SAND holders, as well as participate in the administration. There are around 3,000,000,000 maximum tokens. There are various ways one can get a SAND token such as: Purchasing $SAND on Binance Using Simplex to purchase $SAND using a credit card Receiving $SAND via The Sandbox Ambassador program Through the company’s Rewards program, you may earn $SAND. As you gain $SAND, there are various ways to use it such as: Buying and selling digital assets. Sandbox Metaverse users will upload their creation on the Sandbox marketplace by getting registered as ASSETS. The transactions are made using $SAND. Users can create or build tools using $SAND to create 3D projects on their LAND. $SAND can be used to customize the avatar, play games, and reach upper levels It can also be used for staking as a source of passive income. It is a way to acquire gems and catalysts that can be further used to create ASSETS $SAND can be used to fund high-quality content.
  • What Are The Core Gameplay Mechanics Of The Sandbox Metaverse?
    The Sandbox game strategically emphasizes creativity within its gameplay, by providing users the option to explore the metaverse with no objectives. Users can utilize their avatars to move freely within the metaverse and create their own ‘worlds’. Similar to the ‘Snoopverse’, users can create their own metaverse using their 3D game builder. By providing users with a blank canvas to work with, the game can be anything the users want it to be. The users could create a racing track and cars using their 3D VoxEdit builder and have fun! By giving freedom, the Sandbox Metaverse team aspires to allow users to discover solutions to problems that they may not have even known about. Each Sandbox Metaverse member may feel overwhelmed at the start since there is an endless series of virtual worlds to explore, but that is what makes the entire process interesting! They reinforce the concept of user-led stories and campaigns! Users can purchase or rent LAND to create their own metaverses and can monetize these by providing access at a fixed fee. If your world is exciting and allows users to interact and engage, people will be willing to pay to enter. Revenue generation is an important aspect of Sandbox metaverse. With their emphasis on “Play to Earn”, users can spend time creating digital assets using their VoxEdit builder and can enlist them on their built-in marketplace. There are many ways to do so. After the creation of an asset, they can be minted as NFTs in the Sandbox marketplace. You can also create your own game and monetize it using the Sandbox platform. The land can also be rented to generate income. The Sandbox Metaverse’s technological Ethereum-based architecture serves as the platform’s fundamental base. In a nutshell, Sandbox provides an opportunity to engage with Blockchain, NFTs, and crypto by enabling decentralized computer-generated reality. The design record, transaction, and creation all are recorded in Blockchain. All transaction takes place using SAND, Sandbox digital currency. Sandbox also allows collaboration with other players for better quality content and interfacing.
  • How to Buy LAND in The Sandbox?
    LAND refers to a piece of digital real estate in the Sandbox Metaverse. Once you own a ‘digit block’, you have the access to renovate the place with games and ASSETS. There are a total of 166,464 LANDs available to buy/sell. However, Sandbox holds 10% for special events. The marketplace also provides an opportunity to put up your LAND for rent to other creators. There are 2 different types of real estate available within the Sandbox, i.e. LAND and ESTATE. Each piece of LAND encompasses 96×96 meters, which is sufficient to build up an interactive gaming experience. It is also possible to merge segments of small LAND pieces into large Estate. Similarly, it is also possible to convert Estate into a fragment of LAND. The LAND in Sandbox is purchased at Sandbox LAND Sales. The dates are pre-announced so it is easy to keep track. To buy LAND in Sandbox, a few steps must be followed: The first step is to link your wallet to the Sandbox marketplace. Afterwards, use OpenSea to navigate through the available LAND. In the case of looking for a particular piece of LAND, you may use the option of coordinates in the LAND section. The next step is to select the LAND of your choice. You can either buy it right away or make a bid for what you feel is feasible. You can also negotiate the price of the LAND and make your offer. For a customized offer you have many options for payment as well as days of payment. There is also a premium LAND option. Premium LAND refers to places near sports complexes, clubs, and malls. The LAND is much pricier than the usual one because it has more traffic. The higher the traffic, the higher the reward from staking. The rent of Premium LAND is also 5x than the usual ones.
  • How Large is a 1x1 plot of LAND?
    Each piece of LAND encompasses 96(long)×96(wide)x128(high) meters, which is sufficient to build up an interactive gaming experience. One meter is the equivalent of 32x32x32 voxels.
  • How Tall is the Standard Avatar?
    The standard avatar is nearly 2 meters (64 voxels) tall.
  • What is the Minimum and Maximum Size of an Experience?
    Currently the Game Maker allows for the development of a 4x4 (16 lands total) at the maximum and a 1x1 at the minimum. The option to develop larger experiences may be available in the near future.
  • Do I Need to Own LAND to Have an Experience Developed?
    No, you are not required to own LAND in order to create or have an experience developed. However, if you would like to have the Experience published to The Sandbox map on release, then the LAND must be owned.
  • What is the Benefit of Having an Experience Developed?
    We create a universe for your brand where your community can navigate and discover your brand's best features, all while enjoying a truly unique experience in a voxel world that you control. Our projects create an opportunity to bring utility and value to your community while providing additional paths for monetization.
  • How Long is the Typical Development Cycle for a 1x1 Experience?
    The development cycle of a 1x1 is at least 3-4 weeks. There are many factors at play (scale, complexity, etc.) that can extend the development time.
  • What Does the Typical Development Process Look Like?
    View our Development Process Breakdown for an in depth look at our development process.
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